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School Video Project Ideas
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Taping School Events

School videos range from simple video classroom reports, through major classroom team projects, to ongoing school wide efforts. This page presents video production examples as a springboard for ideas for your own video production projects.

Remember: The best school video projects meet the needs and abilities of students, conform to the classroom schedule, develop curriculum objectives and make efficient use of the school's available video equipment.

Here are several video examples. Next to each are some production notes, including purpose and/or the use of audio equipment (all of these scenes could be lit with two 600 watt base lights).

  • Classroom observations of teachers and students can be used to demonstrate of teaching techniques or as critiques for professional growth. Wireless microphones are used.
  • Role play allows participants and viewers to illustrate their ideas and discover new ones. A PZM microphone is on the floor and the scene is "blocked" so that students remain center stage.
  • Video is an excellent presentation device for classroom projects such as the puppet play in the lower grades (K-3). The camera is positioned at eye level and a PZM microphone is placed near or behind the set.
  • The video book review becomes part of the media center. A handheld microphone is positioned on a stand and connected to a mixer for greater control.
  • This full crew school news show is an example of a single camera program.
  • For electronic news gathering (ENG) interviews use a handheld microphone and position the camcorder on the shoulder for ease of movement.
  • Debates require multiple microphones and a mixer.
Campus Opinion Back to TOP
Record a series of "on-the-street" reactions to a single question on a school, community, national or world issue. If the question is one of national or global interest, incorporate campus interviews with clips from interviews on copyright-free video to compare campus opinion with heard voices around the world.

Family History Back to TOP
Gather family photographs, maps, vacation brochures and other family documents to record an oral history. Include interviews with family members. Incorporate these tapes into a multicultural presentation for a PTA meeting or for special viewing in the media center.

How To Do It Back to TOP
Write, produce and direct a "how-to" videotape on some helpful skill such as using a computer or checking out a book. Set these up as "check outs" in the library.

Video Lessons Back to TOP
Produce a series of student/teacher-made video lessons to guide small group or individual learning activities in both classroom and take-home situations.

Video Report Back to TOP
Research and produce a video report, adding more current information to a text topic by using related video and visuals with a voice-over narration. If possible, include interviews with local authorities on the topic.

A Day In The Life… Back to TOP
Use a camcorder with a time-lapse feature to record the day's activities in locations such as the library, gym, administrative office, science lab, classroom, etc.

A Day With… Back to TOP
Record events in the day of a teacher, administrator, coach, media specialist, secretary, janitor, athlete or other school member. Obtain the subject's permission before beginning your plan.

Project Diary Back to TOP
Videotape the daily progress on a long-term school project, then include the tape as part of the finished product.

Public Service Back to TOP
Produce public service messages to play over the school's closed-circuit television system. Include helpful hints and reminders about items such as paper recycling, saving electricity, important sports, performance and social dates, etc.

School News Back to TOP
Produce a newscast combining national, state, local and school items. Insert clips from copyright-free video and prepare the necessary graphics and props to accompany the "local" portion of the newscast.

School Service Commercial Back to TOP
Make a commercial for the school media center, counseling office or clinic to advertise some material or service available to students and teachers.

Video Pen Pals Back to TOP
Establish a video-pal club with a school in another state or country. Start the tape exchange with video introductions of club members (what they are studying, what they like to do, what they like to eat, etc.). Additional exchange tapes might highlight the schools, the communities, the geographic areas or a classroom topic.

Video Yearbook Back to TOP
Prepare a video yearbook using both still and moving pictures to highlight the year's events.

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